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Hair Care/Tips

Properly caring for your hair extensions is a necessity when it comes to investing your money. As we all know virgin hair comes with a pretty pricey ticket and maintaining its beauty and longevity is very important. You should always treat Signature Blends Virgin Hair like your own. Just as your natural hair, with hair extensions the more we moisturize, condition,and give our hair the proper attention it needs it will remain healthy. Once virgin hair is cut from a donor’s head, it no longer receives the much needed nutrients that nourishes and keeps the hair soft, shiny, and tangle free. Therefore it's very important to maintain and treat your natural hair extensions with the appropriate products that will restore and maintain its natural softness, silkiness, and keep it tangle free. Here are some key tips to properly care for your Signature Blends Virgin Hair.

Using the appropriate products will ensure that your hair extensions keep its shine and lasts for a long time. We recommend you use only mild shampoos & conditioners(ex. Organix, Joico, Shea Moisture Raw Shea Moisture Retention) preferably sulfate-free and silicone free hair care products.
Co Wash or Shampoo/Condition your virgin hair at least once a week or every 2 weeks. However your shampooing needs may vary depending on your lifestyle(exercising,swimming, excess oil or buildup)

NOTE: For Deeper cleansing and to remove excess oil -and build up we suggest using a clarifying or chelating shampoo (ONLY AS NEEDED).

Always use a wide tooth comb or detangling brush to free your hair of any tangles before shampooing to prevent the hair from tangling and matting(working from the ends up). It is strongly advised that hair is always shampooed and conditioned in the direction of its natural flow.

NEVER use heavy oils or oil sheen on your Signature Blends Virgin Hair. If using oil only use a light oil such as Argan Oil.
When sleeping always wrap up your extensions with a bonnet or satin scarf. It is also very important to wrap up your hair when swimming to prevent exposure to chlorine. If chlorine does get on your extensions be sure to wash it out immediately with a clarifying shampoo followed by a conditioner.


Southeast Asian hair is available primarily in dark shades, therefore with this type of hair it sometimes takes a little more to lift or lighten compared to other origins of hair. When lifting/lightening your Signature Blends Virgin Hair extensions be sure to always take precaution when using a hair lightener. We highly suggest you to use no higher than a 20 volume developer when using a bleach lightener to safely and effectively achieve your desired color results and to prevent damaging your hair extensions. For high lift blondes we recommend lifting and lightening your virgin hair in phases to maintain the hair's integrity. What we mean by this is lightning a little one day followed by deep conditioning to allow the hair to repair for the next stage of lightening or coloring.  And always deep condition after coloring or using a bleach lightener. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also a great pre-treatment and deep conditioner before and after lightening or coloring. 


Installation Tips

When installing Signature Blends Virgin Hair please follow the tips below to help you with deciding on the amount of hair you need. Please take into consideration the style, length, and the amount of volume you're trying to achieve when purchasing your hair. When purchasing longer hair please note that the bundle's weft will be shorter in width therefore you may need more bundles for your install. 

         2-3 bundles recommended for 12-16"

         3-4 bundles recommended for 18-22"

         4-5 bundles recommended for 24-28"

**Additional Bundles may be needed if you are trying to achieve longer voluminous looks.**

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